Monday, September 9, 2013

"I like doing this, hoping that they are "lost sheep" that we can bring back."

Hiya fellow Americans,
This week was quite good. Best part was a fantastic zone meeting dedicated to companionship unity. We went away feeling real unified, and we enjoy our companionship quite a bit more now. So it's good, makes the work a lot more enjoyable.
The following are the events that transpired this week, in chronological order:
Monday we had a nice p-day, Elder Mills gave me a haircut, I look really good. We played a bit of tennis, but only a wee bit because the buses and the emails and the shopping and the haircut all took a while. 
Then we had dinner at the Hann's house. Did I tell you about them yet? 12 kids. Age 2-21. They had a BBC kids documentary about them. You could probably find it if you google "Hann family Mormon Scotland Dundee" or something like that. Their little kids are the funniest. Tons of funny stuff they say...can't remember any but I'll have to write them down in the future so I can swap Sunbeam stories with Mum. 
Then we did some service for a nice lady in the ward.
Tuesday: Zone meeting, exchange with Elder Donaldson in my area, four appointments fell through, but two unexpected people let us in to teach them. One was Paul, the one who flip flops all the time. He is back on least he was that day. Haven't heard from him since Thursday.
Wednesday: Service at Baxter Park picking up litter. Service at a member's neighbour's house, gardening. Taught a less-active guy. Dinner at a nice family who is doing good member missionary work and is excited to start doing even more, agreed to invite her less-active sister and her non-member partner to the next time we come to dinner. Taught Mark a good, but off-topic, and LONG lesson, but good thing was we had a member called Julian come with us and they got along well.
Thursday: Weekly planning, watched "The Lamb of God" with Paul, he said it was an honor to watch it with us. Taught another less-active lady, tried to teach Kris and Chelsea...they have been missing appointments and not coming to church for the past three weeks. We are concerned.
Friday: Gave Mark a tour of the church to help him feel comfortable in the building before he comes to church. He enjoyed it, another member around his age drove us there, and bore a real good testimony to Mark in the chapel. Unfortunately Mark didn't come on Sunday, wasn't feeling well. 
Dinner at the Clancy's house, fun family similar in age to us Burts. Late-night (8pm) dinner at Mike Longmuir's house (another member), super spicy curry, fun visit and spiritual discussion.
Saturday: Street contacting in City Centre. Met a guy from Ghana called Eli, taught him a bit right there and then, taught a full sit down lesson at his flat on Sunday. 
Had a good lesson with Jimmy, cleared up some misunderstanding about the doctrine, hopefully helps him to continue in church activity.
Sunday: Church, Another good lesson with Jimmy following the service, knocked a few doors of people on the ward list who we've never met or heard of before. I like doing this, hoping that they are "lost sheep" that we can bring back. But often they aren't even aware they are members, and they are not interested. But I like it for some reason, trying to find out the story behind these names on the list. 
Taught Eli (previously mentioned). Tried to contact some former investigators, which I also find interesting, but often with similar results. 
Back to the flat, had dinner, did a bit of "training" where we read a bit of Preach my Gospel but mostly just watched The District videos. Good fun.
Monday: Woke up, did a few sit-ups, tried to do push-ups but couldn't be bothered, showered, ate cereal, studied, took a bus to the library, sat down, checked emails, wrote this email. 
After this we'll do some grocery shopping and then go play tennis. Again! which is good because we didn't get to play for long last week but I loved it so I am proper excited.
Sorry, this week's email wasn't as entertaining, I figured I'd try to be more organized and also I am behind on my journal entries which I usually use, and so I just have my planner for reference of last weeks' stuff. So yeah, next week will be better; stories not just events!
I like my mission a lot. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier and/or nicer to be just hanging out back home, but other times there's no other place in the world I'd rather be.
We found a few stores that sell loads of Scotland/Dundee souvenir stuff...what do yous want? Magnets? Pins? Pens? Stickers? Mini figurines of guys in kilts playing bagpipes? Flags? Calendars? Anything really. Think about it, pray about it, and let me know, or I might just buy a bunch of random stuff you may or may not like.
Have a great week erbody! Love yous
PS: I had a letter all written and addressed last Monday, but had no stamps. So I will send it today. I PROMISE.

Me in the classy tie Char and Ryan sent me

My planners so far. (Six transfers! Nine month mark sometime this week! Crazy)

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