Monday, January 13, 2014

"...he was about to get into a fight, but...remembered...about "casting the first stone" and he decided to not fight."

Good afternoon/morning/evening/night! Depending on where you are.
It's been a fun week. Finally some solid missionary work without being interrupted by a holiday! Although I did have my birthday, which was fun, it was still full of missionary work...or "missionary fun". (I think some apostle said that.) 
Funniest experience: Tuesday for district meeting, we held a joint-district meeting in the Paisley elders' flat. Story: we all got to the Paisley church, where we meet for district meeting (Greenock and Beith only) and then the Paisley district consisting of Paisley, and two sets of elders from Pollok. 
However, the family history guy who without fail has been there every Tuesday to let us into the building, didn't show up. The Paisley elders made loads of phone calls to see if we could get someone to open it up for us, but to no avail. 
So our only option was to either go to another ward building, which would have been like an hour bus ride away, or just go to the paisley flat, just around the corner! So we did, and we had a joint district meeting, with 10 missionaries all crowded into their living room. 
The other district leader and I sort of changed our plans and combined to have a twice as awesome district meeting. Quite a funny experience. Photos to follow.
Then we went to Largs and Millport on Tuesday. 
We had dinner with the Gibsons, an awesome member family that takes a ferry and drives 30 minutes to get to church from their wee isle of Cumbrae. 
Whilst there, Brother Gibson let us try on kilts for the upcoming Burn's Supper! (In honour of Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet.) Photos of that to come as well.
Then on Wednesday we had a crazy birthday party! No, not really, I just opened up packages from yous and also Gam. Fun stuff! I made our tree into a birthday tree of course. 
I was on exchange with Elder Jones that day in Greenock, which was super fun. We had some good laughs and also got a lot of good work done. 
Went out on splits with the Branch President and his 2nd counselor, and visited a number of active and inactive folks. 
Elder Jones sang me a birthday song on the guitar. And the Cains gave me a card the following day, so that was nice! Good quiet laid back birthday.
Thursday we went to Dunoon for our usual dinner and "correlation meeting" with our Ward Mission Leader. We also did some tracting around the area. 
We had some guy who asked, "What if Joseph Smith was a false prophet and you're actually following the Devil, not Jesus?...Not saying he IS, but what if?" So that was kind of weird. 
We tried to tell him, "Well, we know he's not, and you can know for yourself too if you read and pray about the Book of Mormon..." but he didn't really give us much of a chance to speak. Kind of a crazy guy. Good fun!
We met with a few of our drunk investigators last week. Once on their own in their own flats, and once when two were together drinking. 
When they are on their own, they are really humble and sincere, but when together they are really cheeky and loud and funny. 
One of them LOVES the "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD, and he says he watches it every night before bed. He told a story of how he was about to get into a fight, but then he remembered a quote from the movie about "casting the first stone" and he decided to not fight. So that was pretty cool.
We met a new guy this week, someone that some sister missionaries in Glasgow ran into and referred him to us. We taught him and he was really sincere, and he sent us a text basically saying that he believes this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and he wants to unite with it, but he's moving soon down to England so we need to make sure there is a smooth transition to the missionaries wherever he is going.
Well that's about it for this week. 
Apologies; this week's email session seemed to FLY by. I Promise I will send letters home soon!
Love you all!
Elder Spencer A. Burt

Joint district meeting in the living room!

Kilts and special kilt-jacket things

Taken from the train in the morning

Birthday tree

I love Irn Bru. ("iron brew") a classic Scottish drink