Monday, September 2, 2013

"When I read it I was literally speechless, just...whaaat?! Miracle."

Hey, I have a cold right now. I think I got it from Charlotte.
I'm gonna start with a brief recap of all the Scottish/Irish language I've learned so far.
They both say wee, yous, missionry/primry/testimny.
Scottish have a lot more it seems, although even people living in and raised in the same city have different styles. Those who grew up in a more rough area with a rough childhood seem to speak more "broad" whereas the more dignified people speak more "polite." 
Like saying "ken" instead of "know" like "Do you ken him?" "Nae paul I dunny ken him." (No pal, I don't know him.) 
I think Billy Connelly had the thickest "Dundonian" accent. When driving in the car with the window down, he'd say "y'alright with that windy doon?" Toon=town, doon=down, etc. Also they refer to kids as "wee'uns" but some Dundonians say "bee'un" and it kinda sounds like bean.
"I canny go 'e the toon today, my bee'un broke the windy ken" (I cannot go to the town today because my child broke the window, ya know?) I've never heard that sentence, but yeah that's most of the slang that comes to mind right now. 
N. Irish is mostly the same words, other than wee and aye and yous, but with just a sort of sing-song voice. I'll pay more attention and write down little things I hear each day and share more next week! Maybe I'll trick the Scots into saying something to my camera while I record them, so yous get the full effect ken?
So anyway this week was pretty ok. Had a few good dinners, we helped Billy and Jan Connelly pack up their moving van (they're away to England now...) Kris and Chelsea never answered their door for appointments, even on the rare occasion that they answered our calls and said to come at the specific time...Did some service for an older lady who lives next to a member, taught a good lesson to Cameron that got him excited and participating a lot more (but now we have big shoes to fill for the next lesson...) We met a few good people to teach, but overall the theme of last week was people cancelling on us or just not being there when we show up. This coming week we already have like a ton of appointments set up, so hopefully they all work out this time.
The ward took a huge step yesterday; the whole time while I've been here the ward mission leader has been talking about this grand idea of getting more people going out to teach with us. But the whole time we've basically just arranged stuff ourselves when we need someone to go with us. But yesterday Brother Thomson approached a bunch of elders/high priests in the ward and we have someone going out teaching with us five nights this week, whether we have a lesson or not. Awesome!
Good news and bad news about Melissa. We finally got in contact with her on Friday. She was just as excited to be taught, come to YSA, church, and get baptised. So we arranged an appointment for the next day, brought someone with us, and again she wasn't there. Weird. 
Also, we got a text from this guy we met a few weeks back who didn't seem that interested at first: "Hello it's Lawrence, I'm sorry for the late message but I find myself in need of guidance. if you would be so kind as to contact me I would welcome you and your conversation. If it helps I have good reason to have faith in our Lord, my mother has faith and I believe in her beyond all doubt. I have prayed to our Lord in my most pressing of times and I want to give thanks by accepting my brothers and the goodwill you bring. I am ready to accept Jesus into my life and I believe this is how I should start." 
When I read it I was literally speechless, just...whaaat?! Miracle. 
My enthusiasm was lessened a bit when we called and he hung up on us...but we are planning to stop by at his house today just to see if he is still as miraculously interested and prepared to receive the gospel. 
So yeah, we've seen a few wee/big miracles, but then when we get a bit disappointed when it doesn't work out as we hoped. We'll see...........
Everything is going pretty well. But dunny ken what President Brown and/or the Lord were thinking when they called me as district leader and trainer.
I'll end by explaining what Key Indicators are. Basically they are "the numbers" that we collect as district leader. How many lessons taught each week, how many new investigators, etc. They give an overall idea of how the work in the area is going, what needs to be emphasized more, etc. If you want to know more, ask Joey (or Ryan, if he was during the PMG days), or read Preach My Gospel chapter eight.
Love you all! I sent you a fun letter today, hopefully it gets there soonish.
Sincerely yours,
Elder Spencer Burt

Me with Billy Connelly before he moved... :(

Drawing of me, done by Poppy (six years old)

Michelin Man! (I need to eat less sweets and go running more or I'll look like him...)

Wee plaque on a house that said "Omah"!!!

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