Monday, June 30, 2014

"...we were in Belfast at the same time as The Queen!"

So I am moving to  the "Clydeband" area, in the Glasgow Ward of the Glasgow Stake/Glasgow Zone. From what President Brown said, it is near the City Centre and I'll do a lot of contacting there.
He said the area wasn't doing too well and he needs some dedicated hard work. So I'm glad he trusts me to do that.
I've found I've always been good at FINDING people to teach, but then actually teaching them effectively and helping them progress is not my strongest point.
I'll be serving with Elder Schmidt, from Germany. So another foreigner! Looking forward to serving with my new companion :)
So let's see. This week we were in Belfast at the same time as The Queen!
We were driving to lunch with the zone leaders after district meeting, and we saw whole blocks lined with police cones and cars and tape, and then we saw like 10 black Land Rovers with undercover blue lights flashing.
We had no idea, until someone told us it was The Queen's entourage. So that was kind of cool.
Elder Spackman insists he saw HER, because he saw a woman get out of one of the cars. (He said she looked like Lady Gaga at first, until he heard it was The Queen and then he changed the story.)
On Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Stoker (zone leader) here in Lisburn. It was a lot of fun; we used a "Restoration Board" in the City Centre (pictures).
It has been in our missionary flat for years, and I'm sure it took a lot of effort to create and I thought it would be nice to put it to use, both for our own finding efforts and also to honor the creator of the board, whoever it was.
Elder Spackman, nor any of the other elders I exchanged with the past two transfers, were down to use it. But Elder Stoker was.
So we propped it up against a lamppost on High Street, where there's no cars, only pedestrians, so it was perfect.
We just handed out "Truth Restored" passalong cards, and if people stopped, we talked to them.
The board honestly didn't do that much to help us as we expected, but our investigator Chris saw us and came up to chat. He read the board, and said "Oh cool, I see you've got Joseph Smith there" pointing at the First Vision painting, so that was good to see that he understands most of what we have been teaching him.
And one member with his girlfriend saw us and they looked at it. She's sort of investigating; she goes to church in a different ward every week but her parents don't want her baptised till she is 18. But she read it and asked a few questions.
I think we expected people to just come up and be intrigued by the board and read it, but in the end only people that we already knew looked at it.
Oh well, it was still a lot of fun and we got some good potential investigators. Next step: Soapbox Sermons! (maybe...)
Tom Henry came to visit us again. He's so nice. And funny. I recorded two of his HILARIOUS jokes (actually quite dumb but I love the way he tells them) on my camera. Unfortunately they're too big to send but you'll see them someday.
We did another "pamphlet drop" with the ward. Had a good turn out. It's a good way to involve members in missionary work in a non-threatening way.
We did some service for the Ballard family in the ward. It was fun. Then they invited us to join their family BBQ afterward. It was nice.
So there we go. That's my week. So excited for Glasgow! Just not excited to pack. I need to learn to throw things away. But it's hard.
Love you all!
Elder Burt

Restoration Board

This is what the Primary kids in Lisburn do after church is over. Seen here is the bishop underneath a bunch of them.