Monday, August 19, 2013

"...I conducted my first baptismal interview..."

This week was pretty fun and adventurous.
Sorta. Coolest thing was I conducted my first baptismal interview, with one of the zone leaders' investigators. It was a good experience, we had a good discussion on the church overall and his testimony. He was baptised Sunday morning before church and confirmed in sacrament meeting.
Jimmy was supposed to get confirmed yesterday, but he and his girlfriend got head lice. Bishop told them they could still come just for the confirmation and then leave, but they wanted to stay home. 
This week was a bit frustrating with a lot of things falling through, like lessons and such. 
We met this fairly solid guy called Paul (he's now known as Paul #2). The Bingham sisters met him on the street and he lives in our ward. He is really open to learning what we teach, but we are not sure if he comprehends it all. A lot of just head nods and agreeing, and then when we ask a deeper question to check his retention he says he doesn't know. But he wanted to come to church....and then didn't show up. 
We did find a young lady with lots of potential. I might have mentioned before that our ward building is sort of the YSA (young single adult) headquarters for the stake. Each week an hour before institute we attend the YSA council meeting and talk about the missionary work in the stake, like which investigators are YSA and which YSA are coming out to teach with us. 
So on Wednesday, after the meeting and before institute started, we went across the street and invited this girl we met a few weeks ago to institute. She said she really wanted to, but couldn't that day, but she had read the material we gave her and parts of the Book of Mormon, and she felt really good about it. So we have an appointment tomorrow to go see her with a YSA returned missionary, and she says she'll go to institute the next day. We have high hopes.
That's probably the highlight as far as missionary work goes. Here's the update on being a leader. 
Another missionary in passing told me that a kid flipped him off, so he did it back...I was like, "Are you serious?" He said yeah, so I said don't do that. He said, "I dunno, it's whatever." I said "No, it's not whatever, don't do it ever again."
Overall I do love the work, hopefully this week is a bit better.
Thanks everybody, and I love yous bunches.
Elder Spencer Ashcraft Burt.
Sorry, I didn't take any photos this week...