Monday, May 19, 2014

"He's the 4th Mormon Freemason I've met on my mission."

Hello family!
So the news is in and I'm staying in Lisburn with Elder Spackman for another transfer. I'm pretty content with it, mostly because it's a hassle to pack.
So this week was a bit boring. Elder Spackman has been feeling quite unwell...stomach problems, just feeling weak, I've been just kinda sitting around studying, cleaning, watching Church History dvd's, etc. while he sleeps. Or sometimes I sleep as well.
But now he's feeling better so we can work hard. But now I'm feeling kinda sick. Mostly just congestion. Can't tell if it's a cold or allergies. I think it's because I'm not eating many fruits and vegetables. I'll try to eat more of them this week and see if it helps.
When we were able to get out and work, we mostly tracted Monaville, the neighborhood where the members and us did the "pamphlet drop."
As far as finding investigators, quite unsuccessful. There were so many born-again Christians there who already had pre-conceived notions about our church, and we could have just stood there and bashed with so many of them. But nah.
However; we found two "lost sheep," or less-active members who are not on our records.
One was found by one of the members when she was delivering pamphlets...he saw her, came out to see what was up, and turns out he was baptised ages ago and used to be super active until he got married but he's willing to meet us for a discussion at the church since his wife is anti.
Also he is a Freemason, so maybe we'll have him take us to the Masonic Hall in Lisburn to see how that works. He's the 4th Mormon Freemason I've met on my mission. Pretty interesting.
The other lady we met was just out in her front yard. We asked if she read the pamphlet we delivered last week, and she said "Yeah, I think I read that quite a while ago when I was baptised." So that was cool.
She was going somewhere in a hurry so we didn't get to chat long, but we got her name and address so I'm convinced that these two people are the reason we were prompted to choose this neighborhood for the pamphlet drop activity.
The Johnson family invited us and Chris (investigator) to their house for dinner last week. It was really great of them.
We had a short lesson afterward about prophets, ancient and modern.
Brother Johnson, an American who served in the Phillipines and then met an Irish lady at BYU and married her and moved here, helped with our teaching quite a bit with his testimony and the way he explained it. So that was good.
Rachel and Noah, Elder Spackman's Omagh converts, came to visit again on Saturday.
We played at the park with Noah. It was fun. He's crazy fun.
Saturday there was a child of record baptism in the ward.
We had a few investigators say they'd come, but they didn't. We still enjoyed it though.
So that's pretty much the only eventful things this week. Kinda boring.
But still, happy to be on a mission. Glad to have a decent companion.
Love you all!!!

Noah laying on top of me

A secret wilderness pathway

My silly new haircut in the wilderness