Monday, June 16, 2014

"It's inspiring how humble and receptive she is."

So this week seemed kind of uneventful.
I'm still congested and allergy pills don't seem to make a difference, but it's definitely not a cold...mission president's wife told me to go to the pharmacist first to see if they have any over the counter stuff to help, and if not then I'll get checked out by a doctor to see what's up.
It's just my nose, the rest of me feels ok. But nevertheless it was a good week.
A few cool things did happen though.
A funny and feel-good experience was when I was waiting in line at the ATM to pull out money, the lady in front of me was in a real hurry and when she finished her transaction she just pulled her card out and started walking away, and two seconds later about £50 popped out!
I grabbed it, tried to yell at her, and she didn't hear, so I ran up and said "Ma'am, I think you forgot your money!"
She was real surprised. Probably a bit shocked that she almost forgot to grab her money from the ATM, and probably very thankful that a missionary was standing behind her, not a thief.
It's probably what any good person would do, so I'm not trying to sound like a hero, but it felt good to be honest, ya know?
We found a new investigator this week.
We were walking to a less-active member's house with a member, and as we walked past Silvana's house she yelled at us to come back. We talked to her over her fence for a few minutes.
She thought we were undertakers at first haha! But she said she is a Christian, and also an alcoholic.
The member with us took the charge and asked her if she'd like us to come back and teach her about the church and also about the Addiction Recovery Program. I've never actually taught it, so we'll see how it goes.
But we scheduled an appointment with her, but were unable to get a Joint Teach. So we taught her out on her back patio.
She was drunk both the first time we met her and when we showed up for the appointment, so we were very surprised that she remembered we were coming. It was a bit of an off-topic discussion, but it was good in the end.
She said the closing prayer and promised God she would read the Book of Mormon, so that was really good! We'll see if the Gospel can change her life.
You might remember Billy and Kim, the members who are just so sweet and feed us every week. Well, this week we watched a Church History dvd with them.
Kim, a recent convert of about six months, is just so spiritually receptive. While we were watching it, she says "This is brilliant," and her eyes are fixed on the screen.
She did the same thing when we watched The Restoration with her too. It's inspiring how humble and receptive she is.
Yesterday at church, we had four less-active members come because their dad, who is a super solid member, told them that that was the only father's day gift he wanted. It was really cool!
I bet it had a big impact on the kids to see how much priority he places on the Church, and hopefully they'll realize why soon.
We visit one of his sons every week, and we're trying to start working with the others as well.
We did some weeding for a member, our zone had interviews with the mission president, we tracted some streets...the usual.
So yeah that's my wonderful week. Hope you all had a good one too.
Elder Spencer A. Burttttt

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