Monday, March 31, 2014

"JESUS IS DEAD!" I immediately yelled back "No he's not!"

Well I have limited time for this mass email...I decided to spend a bit more quality personal time writing personal emails to family and friends. But I'm sure I'll be able to communicate what went down this week.
Yesterday was UK Mothers' Day! They had a special service in sacrament meeting. They gave all the mothers a nice rose or some flower, I don't know what type.
It was kinda messed up though because they ONLY gave them to the mothers...not the expectant moms, not the married wives, not the single I'm sure some people felt left out.
Oh well, not my problem. I'm just there to bring more souls into the Kingdom here in Lisburn...which we did!
Our investigator Chris, who is 17 (mattress guy) decided to come. We had like four other people say they would probably show up too, but none did. But Chris came.
We almost expected him to leave after Sacrament, but he stayed and said he really enjoyed it! We've only been able to teach him one lesson, but we have another appointment with him this week.
We taught the Graham family (Nelson, Kathleen, Ashley) a couple times, and took different members with us each time. They get along really well with them.
We're not sure if they understand our purpose for visiting them, but they are willing to have us over whenever and to come to church...they've committed to all come together in three weeks. Not sure why, but we'll take it. Excited to see where they end up.
I went to Belfast on exchanges last Tuesday with Elder Kinnard. We walked a lot.
But we taught a young guy who probably listened more attentively than anyone I've ever taught, except maybe Traci.
Usually they're full of questions or objections or concerns or just random comments and going off topic...but this guy was dead on, just listening, nodding, answering our questions perfectly.
I feel like that's it for eventful things this week...not much funny stuff...
Well yesterday we were walking down a quiet street, and a car drove by and a guy around our age yelled out the window "JESUS IS DEAD!"
I immediately yelled back "No he's not!" as they drove away...But I've got a slight cold so my voice cracked really bad and Elder Dewsbery and I had a good laugh over that.
The past few weeks we've been wanting to go "street preaching" on a Saturday in the City Centre here, just like the early missionaries of the Restoration did in the UK.
We're both pretty excited, and telling ourselves we'll be ready for it and prepare what to say...and then by Saturday we just get way nervous and end up backing out.
We're not sure if it's even legal, but we'll do it someday before our companionship is over, we've promised ourselves.
It will be way scary but awesome to say that we did it. And maybe we'll get a member to come down and take pictures of us doing it.
Pretty nerve-wracking idea...but who knows, maybe we'll baptise entire villages just like they did back in the day?
Well, have a great week!
Enjoy General Conference! I wonder if anyone will mention the "Act Well Thy Part" stone this year. Or maybe the Blarney Stone instead to commemorate Ireland.
Love yous!
--Elder Spencer A. Burt

Photo: Moroni 10:4