Monday, May 26, 2014

" much trust members and nonmembers have for us as missionaries."

So guess what? I'm emailing from an iPad right now!!!
Lol, another false alarm...we're just emailing from the Collins' house because the library is closed today. Typing on here is slower than on a computer, but I'm sure I'll manage.
So on Tuesday last week we got a lot done.
We both felt well so we could go out all day and see a lot of people. One was David, a kinda crazy less-active guy. He just talks and talks for hours if we'd let him.
We kinda figured he wasn't going to return to church..but he said that he was actually considering it last Sunday! But he said his wife probably wouldn't be too happy if she found out he took their kids to church.
Then we taught Chris the Plan of Salvation...He was real quiet the whole time, but when we asked he said he had no questions an it made pretty good sense.
On Thursday he came to young men's activity and really liked it. We played indoor football at the church and although Chris said before that he's not really into football or sports of any sort, he was really good!
It's good to see him enjoy himself with worthwhile activities because he says he really doesn't do much with his life. So yeah the gospel and the church are changing him bit by bit for the better.
We did a lot of service this week.
On Wednesday after a dinner appointment we mowed the family's back yard for them.
Then the next day we went to another member's house and helped repair a barbed wire fence, because they are bringing two of their horses to the small pasture next to their house.
They had a small sidewalk at the back of the house that was covered in thick dirt and mud over the years, so we took shovels and cleared it off for them.
And we did a bit of time at the British Heart Foundation charity shop. So yeah lots of service.
Since last week was moves week, we had our Preparation Day on Wednesday.
We went to Belfast and just walked around the city. A bit of shopping.
I bought a monkey "onesie" for just £3! They're quite popular here. I'll have to take a photo of me in it and sent it to yous.
We went out with  Brother Edwards, a solid old member in our ward and also the stake patriarch, to visit an old lady who can't come to church because of health.
We gave her a blessing, and to my surprise she asked him to do the anointing and ME to do the blessing. I was a bit shocked...I assumed she would choose him. Just a reminder to me of how much trust members and nonmembers have for us as missionaries. Sometimes I forget that because I'm just so used to being a missionary.
After that Patriarch Edwards came with us to visit the Graham family.
It was funny, Nelson told us that we chose the wrong time in their lives to start teaching them, because their brains aren't as able to think and understand as well as they used to, and they're "on the way out." Haha! It was hilarious just how blunt they were about it.
On Saturday Billy and Kim (the members who just moved into Jim's house, who moved to Canada) had us over for dinner, and they invited two nonmember friends!
We taught the restoration, and while the lady friend was very firm in her current faith and insisted that Jesus was the last prophet and there will be no more, and that all we need is the Bible and nothing more...the guy however, Maurice, (pronounced like Morris over here) was very receptive and he said he'd be willing to meet with us again. I can see a lot of potential with him.
We went to church yesterday, unfortunately no investigators were able to come but it was a good Sunday nonetheless.
So that's my week, thanks for reading, and writing. And to any blog readers, If you're reading this and not writing you should write!
Thanks for everything! I love y'all so flipping much.
Elder Spencer Ashcraft Burt.
Mosiah 2:41 (I'm gonna try to send a nice scripture or quote every week. Hope it brightens your day!)

1. This is David, the 18 year old member here who I think looks a ton like Aaron Rollins. (am I right or no?)

2. Elder Blaylock, Spackman, Cavallaro, Burt. Trying on ridiculous Ireland "snapbacks."

3. So at clothing stores here, they sell a lot of American t-shirts that say "LA" or "NYC" or San Francisco or Cali or whatever. I've even seen a few Idaho ones. But I finally found a Utah one! Considered buying it, but it was like £12 or £20 or something.

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