Monday, February 3, 2014

"...Elder Smiler and I were roped into singing a duet..."

Hello family! 
Hope all is well in Utah. Things are going pretty good here in the United Kingdom. By the way, did you know that in the autumn of this year they are voting to decide if Scotland will remain part of the UK or become independent? Pretty exciting, I'm pretty sure I'll be around for that. 
Might be in Ireland, but it would be awesome to be in Scotland to witness the havoc that will ensue probably no matter what the results are. I'm hoping for some riots!
Anyway, I've had a pretty good week. I forgot to bring my planner so it will all be from memory...I might accidentally leave out a few things of significance that happened...hope the Spirit brings it to my remembrance.
Let's see...Tuesday we had our usual district meeting. Then Elder Maughan came on an exchange with me to Greenock. We had a lot of fun, and got work done. 
Hey, that would be a good mission motto: "Have fun, and get work done."
We taught two of the Fantastic 4 this week. Joe is the most solid of them all. We taught him about how to find out if the Book of Mormon is true (read and pray about it) and he was really excited about it. 
We talked vaguely and briefly about baptism...then a few days later he called us and said "I've been reading some of the book, and I think it's time for baptism." 
We are pretty excited for that, but it will be  a wee while till that can happen. But "baby steps" will eventually get him there. That would be a great success story!
Wednesday we had P.E.C. (Priesthood Executive Committee) and it was not bad. Ironically, while I've been on my mission I've looked forward to church meetings like PEC, ward council, etc. 
Well, not district meetings because I have to plan them out and conduct and instruct every week...but I suppose I'm learning a lot from being a district leader these past several transfers. 
I've sort of found myself lately being enthusiastic and excited about the work side of a mission, but ironically I feel like my testimony has been dwindling a bit...sort of like when I pray or testify or teach it's just like going through the motions that I've been doing for the past year +. Any suggestions?
I know, study and pray...but sometimes I feel like I'm going through the motions with those things as well. Any certain things you have studied or read or thought about that have strengthened your testimonies? I'm open to advice.
Thursday was the usual Thursday. Friday was a nice Friday. 
Saturday there was a baptism in the ward of a wee girl who turned eight. It was awesome; over 60 people attended! Tons of family and friends, many of whom are either non-members or less-active members. 
I had a few good conversations with a few of them and they seemed like they could be receptive, but of course I didn't go around asking people if they wanted to be taught. 
I figured I'd let them just bask in the spirit there and maybe have the member family follow up with them later or something. Baptisms are always fun.
Sunday Elder Smiler and I were roped into singing a duet in Sacrament meeting. 
The music director in the branch is not an easy person to say no to, and she asked us a few weeks ago if we could sing in sacrament meeting, singing a song of her choice and on a day of her choice. 
We're not too fussy, so we did it. I'm not the best singer...I mean I can sing and hit the right notes as long as it's within my range, but I don't think I have the best soloing voice. 
But people came up afterward and said it was very good, which is nice. But I'm not that naive, I know that even if it was rubbish people would be nice and say it was good! 
Haha but i'm not too bothered either way, if it was good then that's good, but if it wasn't, then I might not be asked to sing at church again! :)
Sorry, not too many cool stories this week. If I recall any that I missed I'll share them in next week's email.
Until then, fare thee well.
Elder Burt

Stumbled upon this old photo of me and the one and only Tom Henry! Man, I was skinny...I think I've put a few pounds back on since Elder Holm left me.

Taking more photos in kilts in our flat! Trying to look intense.

Viking statue made of plants and stuff in Largs.

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