Monday, October 28, 2013

"Every minute the reality of me leaving this great place increases. I am honestly quite bummed..."

Hey y'all!
So here's the news you're all waiting for...I'll be moving to Greenock, which is on the southwest of Scotland. My companion will be Elder Pallin, who just got done being trained. I'm excited, but more sad.
I hoped to stay for another transfer at least. The area sounds exciting, but I'm definitely gonna miss the people here so much. I want to see Stewart baptised! But oh well, that's missionary life for ya.
Speaking of Stewart, he's doing great. We taught him a few times last week, and he's still pretty receptive. He came to church in a black suit, dress shirt...and chains of course!
Participated well in the elders quorum lesson, and it was a really good one on obedience. Gospel Principles' lesson was on chastity...that one was awkward.
Our teacher started talking about what the law of chastity is, and Stewart raised his hand and openly admitted to breaking it with two women at the same time. It was hilariously awkward...everyone in the class was shocked, and I think the teacher and we elders were the most embarrassed. But it's ok, I'm sure the new elders will teach him that that's a really really bad thing to do.
Best part though: He came to a baptism of the Bingham sisters' investigator. He asked us who he needs to talk to for him to get baptised. We told him that we'd discuss it this week, so hopefully today we set a date with him and also help him understand the significance of the covenant and whatnot. Exciting though!
We taught Kossi a few times this week. Once just with us, and it was really difficult. But Saturday we had Scott with us and it was awesome as usual. We tried to teach simply in English, but it still wasn't clicking with him. So again we just let Scott take over in French and he did great.
Mark is still doing alright. Still nervous about church, but someday I'm quite sure he'll get baptised if the elders keep teaching him and maybe give him a wee push, and also if his member-friend Cheryl keeps inviting him to church.
Sorry it's a bit short this week...I feel like nothing else noteworthy happened.
Every minute the reality of me leaving this great place increases. I am honestly quite bummed to leave...but at least Elder Winn and I aren't together for three transfers like I was with my trainer.
Oh well. Hopefully next week will be full of stories about how great Greenock is!
Love you all. You're in my prayers!
Love, Spencer

Charlotte Street (sorry, couldn't find the rest of your names...)

Dundee United stadium

Goofin around with Elder Gomez

Dennis and Avril Campbell, awesome and hilarious members

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