Monday, April 8, 2013

"We taught her how to pray, and that it doesn't have to be recited or out loud, but that it can be anytime, anywhere."

Conference was great. We spent lots of time handing out invitations to people last week. Brian Johnston (the dairy farmer) and his partner Mary came to the Saturday morning (5:00 pm for us) session! And Vera Duncan came to the priesthood session, I guess we didn't tell her that it was directed toward men. It turned out ok, because there were some great talks there that could be applied to everyone. She took a lot of notes, which is good.
Did you guys hear Sister Dalton's talk about the Scotland mission home, and the "Act Well Thy Part" saying? I felt so cool, because that same saying is on my mission tie. And she was talking about MY mission home. I hope yous were all so proud.
Conference was really amazing overall though. I like it a LOT more when I'm out here; the two hours flew by each time. I took tons of good notes, both on the things that were said by speakers and the thoughts and impressions the spirit gave me.
That was the highlight of the week. There was a low though: We got moves call last night. Elder Holm and I are both staying in Omagh. I was really hoping to stay in Omagh, but I want to lead out the area, be able to make most of the plans and decisions and such for the first wee while. I LOVE Omagh!
I'm sure i'll eventually get over it. Other than this it was a real good week!
So real quick, to catch you all up on last week...
We actually DID see Gertie, last-last Tuesday  (13 days ago.) Elder Maughan was on an exchange here from Letterkenny. We actually taught her in Tom Henry's house. MUCH better environment than the cafe. It was a good lesson. We were planning to teach her the basic overview of commandments, but we taught her mostly about prayer. We taught her how to pray, and that it doesn't have to be recited or out loud, but that it can be anytime, anywhere.
Also she asked some questions like "what is love?" It sounds like she hasn't been loved by her family very much. Tom talked about what love really was, like caring for people and helping them, and she cried a bit. Very spiritual. So really a good lesson. Just waiting on her to tell her family about the church so she can make it on Sundays.  Also we are seeing her tomorrow, so that should be good.
I told yous about Dil right? Our friend in the psych ward? Well it turns out he is doing missionary work in the hospital! He has given a Teachings of Joseph Smith book to a nurse, talked to other patients about the Book of Mormon, and other awesome stuff. Also, the doctor let him come to general conference on Sunday  He was so happy to get out there.
Last-last week, the McKees came into town. They are an American family; the dad served his mission here. I guess he is super rich, and is in the process of buying out Waterford Crystal. I've never heard of it but I guess it's a big deal. We heard they would be coming that week, but we were surprised when we were walking and a car pulls up beside us and he says, "Hey, are you guys elders?" We weren't expecting that! So he gave us a ride home and we got to meet him and his family at church a few days later. They are back in Utah now (Provo area) but I think they're coming back in June for a few months.
Last-last-Saturday we collected money for the local charity shop, which gives money to a Kenyan orphanage. We just stood outside stores with buckets labeled "Malaika Kenyan Orphanage", and lots of people put in loose change. It was actually fun, we got to be friendly with people on the sidewalks instead of proselyting. Everyone was real nice, except one lady who was about to donate, then she saw my badge and walked away. hahaha.
We've done a lot of other service lately. We've helped the Lees out with their grandma's house two or three times, stripping wall paper and painting. Then on Saturday we helped Alan and Nigel in their house. They wanted to replace the carpet with wood-looking linoleum, so we took everything out of the living room and ripped out the carpet, and set down the linoleum. They didn't secure it down or anything, so we'll see how well it's working for them in a few days. Good fun though.
This past Thursday there was a "Days Gone By" party at the church, hosted by the YW. It was fun. We all had to dress up in old style clothes, and they showed pictures of all the members when they were younger  Even me and Elder Holm! Thanks mom for sending the classy picture of little me in a tie, instead of an embarrassing one!
Ian and Vera, the less-actives we visit multiple times a week, seem to be having a falling out. Usually he is always at her house, all day. But lately when we've gone over they are both in their own houses, Vera just watching TV alone and Ian usually has his sister over. So we'll see. It's sad. We need to re-kindle their friendship.
Well, other than last night it was a great week.

Picture: Us with Tom Henry

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